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2015 New Catalogue
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Hydraulic Setting and Sammying Machine
We have planned this machine to
set medium and heavy cowhides...
Heavy Duty Hydralic Fleshing Machine
It has been designed to satisify
every requirements connected...
Hydraulic Ironing and Embossing Press
Type: 850 tons ~ 1800 tons
Hydraulic Shaving Machine
Rigid construction, will not occurred the vabration when working..main roller...
Hydraulic Through feed sammying machine
It has mainly been developed to increase productivity...
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Shaving Machine
The wet-blue hides can gain the result by machine after...
Overload/Normal Wooden Drums
Africa hardwood with quality metal materials...
Combined Brushing and
Air Dedusting Machine

Working Width 1800mm ~ 3000mm